About Us

CBD Twist are a UK based retailer and distributor of CBD oils. We are founded and run by vaping enthusiasts and believe in the high quality of our products. We source for the best CBD brands that pass our stringent standards and sell only premium grade CBD products that have been lab-tested for purity.

Our CBD oil is 100% organic. All our CBD products are manufactured in the UK using only high-quality ingredients so you can buy from us with confidence.

At CBD Twist, we want you to enjoy our range of exciting CBD oils and e-liquids. As vapers, we love our brands so we ensure their quality is not compromised through contamination by inferior products. That’s why we personally use and test our CBD products for flavour and experience before sharing them here with you.

Here’s a quick overview of our CBD product range to get you started:

  • CBD e-liquids – these juices combine CBD oil with delicious flavours to make the ultimate vaping experience;
  • Full Spectrum CBD – these e-liquids, creams and tinctures have Full Spectrum CBD which produces an incredible calming effect;
  • CBD Isolate – these Isolate crystals have the core CBD ingredient extracted for dabbing or other manufacturing use;
  • CBD Tinctures – tinctures are CBD oils that can be taken orally and we have a range of flavours for you to explore;
  • CBD Edibles – these sweets are infused with CBD oil, perfect for a delicious treat;
  • CBD Topicals – our CBD-infused creams and lotions can be used directly on your skin;
  • CBD for pets – these pet products mean we’re not the only ones who can enjoy the smooth sensation of CBD;
  • Starter kits – our e-liquid starter kits will set you up so you can try our CBD oils straight away

As our valued customer, we strive to make your online experience the best possible, backed by excellent customer support and quick and efficient dispatch of your order. If you have any enquiries about our products, please contact us

For business opportunities, we welcome wholesale enquiries and offer white labelling for your brand.