CBD Isolate VS. Full Spectrum CBD

With such as wide array of CBD products available on the market, you’d be forgiven for getting a bit confused when you hear more complex terms such as isolate and full spectrum CBD. But what the differences between CBD isolate versus full spectrum? To compare CBD isolate vs full spectrum CBD is quite easy. As the name implies, isolate is a pure extraction of the cannabidiol molecule, with no extraneous natural chemicals. Full spectrum or ‘whole plant’ CBD, on the other hand, is a cannabidiol extraction containing numerous additional plant molecules as well. As neither forms of CBD contain any THC, they do have a great number of positive effects on the body, without producing the ‘high’ many associate with hemp-based products.


Isolate was originally considered to be the best form of cannabidiol as it is over 99.8% pure CBD extraction. When originally tested, it was believed that it was only the CBD molecule that contained the healing properties that we generally associate with the chemical. However, in just 2015, a laboratory in Jerusalem discovered an outcome from their tests they referred to as the ‘entourage effect’. This ‘entourage’ effect refers to the result of combining the CBD molecule with the other chemicals that can be extracted from the marijuana plant – heightening the efficacy of the medication. Since this breakthrough was made, it has become wide-accepted by CBD enthusiasts and patients that full spectrum – i.e. fully extracted CBD – is much more effective at treating the physiological symptoms of which many individuals are trying to rid themselves.


No, far from it. Isolate has its advantages for those who need to know exactly how much CBD they are taking every day. This is very hard to calculate in full spectrum CBD as the proportions of various terpenes and molecules can vary wildly. Isolate is also much better for being combined with other products such as edibles and drinks. As we head into the future, however, more and more research is being carried out into the medicinal differences of CBD isolate vs full spectrum, and it is more than likely that more peer-reviewed evidence will propel both forms of cannabidiol further into the mainstream as a viable alternative to over-the-counter pharmaceuticals.


So far, scientists have discovered 483 known compounds within the cannabis plant’s eco-system, and sixty of these are cannabinoids including cannabinol (CBD), Description cannabichromene (CBC) and cannabigerol (CBG). While scientists are still trying to learn more about these additional compounds that can be extracted, it is likely that both CDD isolate and full spectrum CBD will become more useful to those suffering from pain, anxiety, depression, and insomnia as time passes and the production process of CBD products becomes more advanced. If you’re looking for the very best in CBD products, make sure you get them from CBD Twist. From isolate to e-liquid, full spectrum to tinctures – all with a flat-rate delivery cost of only £3.95, why not treat yourself?