Does CBD Oil Help You Sleep?

Amongst the increasing number of stories online regarding the use of CBD oil as a therapeutic treatment, a topic that crops up consistently is the practice of using CBD oil for sleep disorders.

Sleep disorders are a common problem for many individuals around the world for a variety of reasons. For some, the levels of anxiety they experience due to work or relationship stress can heavily affect their ability to fall asleep. For others, medical conditions such as insomnia can cause them to lose focus during the working day, and their inability to sleep can lead to a number of further health issues.

CBD oil has, according to a 2017 study, been found to aid a number of sleep related issues according to subjective statements made by those questioned. Another study from 2016, also found that a child who was suffering from PTSD appeared to benefit from the use of CBD oil for their sleep disorder.


The greatest problem with any synthesised sleep-aiding drug that can bought over the counter is that humans can easily become dependent on them. Once these medications are taken away, an individual can find themselves suffering withdrawal symptoms that, once again, prevent them from sleeping.

Furthermore, many people who use pharmaceutical grade sleep aids have found themselves feeling groggy the following morning, even after a full night’s sleep. Another issue is that the body can, over time, develop a tolerance to the given dosage and so the individual will have to increase their dosage to compensate, leading to a higher frequency of side effects such as headaches, dizziness, and an impaired memory. Long term side effects are also an issue, with studies concluding that sleeping pills can lead to higher incidences of alzheimers, dementia, and strokes as an individual ages.


As the scientific world is only just starting to study the relationship between CBD and sleep disorders, much of the available evidence is based on personal accounts by those who had experienced insomnia as well as other similar conditions.

The human body goes through five stages during the sleep cycle – with each cycle lasting about 90 minutes. If these stages are interrupted for any reason, then we can often feel the onset of fatigue during the day, especially since our circadian rhythm tends to experience a drop in the early afternoon.

While many sleep experts today often recommend an afternoon nap to alleviate tiredness and memory retention, it is still more important to ensure that your main sleep should experience the 5-6 cycles of sleep necessary to ensure alertness during the day.

Individuals who have used CBD oil for sleep disorders such as insomnia due to chronic pain, restless leg syndrome, as well as depression and PTSD have reported a better quality of sleep, with less drowsiness the morning after. Whether this is because CBD actually makes you sleep better, or simply reduces the anxiety associated with the aforementioned disorders is still awaiting peer-reviewed study. However, as more and more people are looking for alternatives to pharmaceutical grade options, CBD oil is a natural, non-toxic product that, for many people, is worth trying.


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