What are CBD tinctures?

Just one of the newer products to hit the market in recent years, CBD tinctures are designed to be taken sublingually by placing just a couple of drops under your tongue. As one of the newer products on the market people are often unsure just what CBD tinctures are, how they can be used and what their benefits are. In this article, we’ll take a look at the common uses of CBD tinctures, benefits and applications and help give you the information you need about them.

What are tinctures and how are they made?

CBD tinctures are made using hemp flowers which are steeped in high-proof grain alcohol which is slowly heated over a prolonged period of time. The naturally occurring CBD in hemp plants is infused and most of the alcohol is boiled off during the process to create a concentrated liquid that has a high CBD content. The final liquid is then added to a carrier oil to help improve the flavour and taste of the tincture.

How to take CBD tinctures

Most CBD tinctures are designed to be taken by placing just a couple of drops under your tongue where they should be kept for a minute or so. The CBD is absorbed into your sublingual artery and then enters your bloodstream via the carotid artery where it is able to go to the brain. This means that it is extremely quick-acting with effects taking around 15 minutes.

Can CBD tinctures be added to food?

Yes, absolutely. This is one of the easiest ways to try CBD and easily control your dosage. CBD tinctures can be added to soups, sauces, cakes and many other foods as well as hot drinks such as coffee or tea. Adding a CBD tincture to your food or drink is also a very discrete way to enjoy the benefits of CBD without the conspicuous smell associated with smoking or vaping.

What are the benefits of CBD?

There are more than 120 cannabinoids in the cannabis family of plants with the most familiar being THC and CBD. While THC is a psychoactive compound that produces a high like feeling or euphoria, CBD is non-psychoactive. CBD has many benefits including anti-inflammatory, anti-seizure, pain relief and anxiety reduction. And while topical products are great for providing local pain and soreness relief the biggest benefits are seen from products that are able to enter the bloodstream.

CBD tinctures are fast-acting thanks to the way that they are absorbed into the body through the sublingual artery. Another benefit of CBD tincture is that it is very easy to measure the dosage of CBD and increase this incrementally until you find the right dosage for your needs.

Are higher doses better?

When it comes to CBD tinctures, they are designed to be taken in small dosages with a couple of drops often adequate for most people. Tinctures can also include other compounds such as terpenes to help further improve their benefits and target specific ailments. These are normally listed in the product ingredients as well as featuring prominently in the product descriptions.

What about strength

Like most CBD products on the market, tinctures are available in various strengths and those new to CBD should start out with a lower strength product before moving to something stronger. This advice applies to those who are taking tinctures sublingually as well as those who are combining it with food or drinks.

Do CBD tinctures contain THC?

All CBD tinctures available to buy in the UK do not contain any form of THC. The CBD is extracted from industrial hemp plants which have been specially cultivated from plant strains that are very low in natural THC. The CBD production is then carefully analysed to ensure that the level of THC is below 0.1% which is the legal requirement for CBD products in the UK.