What is CBD isolate?

CBD products are available in a number of forms, allowing users to have a choice as to how they control their intake. The most common CBD-based product on the market is CBD oil, but the oil is combined with a base of either vegetable glycerin or propylene glycol which dilutes its strength. In recent years, however, individuals who prefer a stronger dose of CBD prefer to buy the cannabinoid in the form of isolate. But what is CBD isolate?

CBD isolate is the purest form of CBD. Identified by its white, crystalline appearance, CBD isolate has had all the original oils, waxes and plant matter removed, leaving a product that is capable of delivering an experience that is much more intense than that of other CBD products.


CBD oil is extracted from the plant in the usual fashion, before being filtered and purified via the use of a supercritical CO2 extractor which forces carbon dioxide through the oil to remove the plant matter, chlorophyll and other undesirable constituents.

Once this is completed, the resulting concentrate is 100% pure CBD which is then decarboxylated, activating the compound from an acid to an alkali which is then consumable.


While large numbers of users enjoy vaping CBD oil, using a vape device is not always an attractive proposition for many individuals due to the stigma associated with them – especially if you’ve never smoked traditional cigarettes before.

Luckily, CBD isolate is a tasteless powder that can be used in a number of different consumable products, and thanks to its purity, it can be weighed accurately by the user before being ingested or inhaled.


There are a number of ways that CBD isolate can be consumed, the most popular of which are as follows:

  • It can be added to foods or drinks such as stews, casseroles, desserts or hot chocolate, allowing the isolate to be slowly dispersed throughout the body.
  • It can be added to existing CBD oils to increase their potency for a vaping experience that is more forceful than their standard strength.
  • It can be mixed with coconut oil and placed under then tongue to ensure rapid absorption into the bloodstream.
  • It can be vaped by mixing with an oil, or simply by using a ‘dabbing’ vape or wax pen.
  • It can be mixed with terpenes (the compounds made from the hydrocarbons held within the essential oils that the plant produces in its trichomes) to make terpsolate and give the powder both a scent and taste that many users relish.

While the influx of CBD products is steadily growing in popularity throughout the world for its healing properties, there are still many people who ask “what is CBD isolate and how could it help me?” in regard to conditions such as arthritis, depression and pain relief. Of course, due to the strength of CBD isolate, experts will always recommend starting with small doses to gauge an individual’s physiological response, and to only increase the dosage if no effect is felt.


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