What is CBD Oil Used For?

CBD in Review

Cannabidiol or CBS as it is more commonly known is a chemical compound and active ingredient of the cannabis plant. It is used in products like oils to help impart a feeling of relaxation and calm and unlike Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) it is non-psychoactive and so does not get you high. Cannabinoids interact with cell receptors in our brain to suppress the release of neurotransmitters which can help to provide relief from pain, reduce anxiety and depression. Our brain naturally produces its own version in the form of endocannabinoids which work in a similar way and CBD can help to enhance the positive effects.

CBD is derived from the hemp plant which is a close cousin of the marijuana plant. CBD oil is legal in the UK as long as it does not contain THC, which is a controlled substance under the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971. CBD oil has many uses including being used for vaping in e-cigarettes as well as oral consumption and being used in massage oils. Our CBD is made from all-natural hemp plants and does not contain any THC so won’t get you high.

Medical Uses of CBD

CBD is known to have many potential benefits when used as part of medical treatment. The three main spheres of treatment include pain management, motor disorders and mental health care. CBD oil is gradually being introduced as a legal treatment option in the UK which is available under the NHS for a number of conditions.

Thanks to its lack of psychotic effects, it presents a broader scope for medical use than its THC counterpart and is much preferred. In recognising the medicinal properties of CBD, weed strains with a higher concentration of this cannabinoid are now being extensively grown.

CBD is antipsychotic and works to counter the psychoactive effects of THC which creates a high. This makes CBD a great alternative to medical cannabis for the treatment of patients with conditions such as schizophrenia. Cannabidiol reacts with the NMDA receptors in the brain and stabilises the pathways helping to mitigate the symptoms of the disorder. In fact, it is shown that CBD has neuroprotective and therapeutic effects that help reduce anxiety and depression. As studies have shown, cannabis strains with a higher level of CBD do not affect short-term memory unlike strains with the same level of THC but lower amounts of CBD. Compared to other antipsychotic drugs, CBD has far fewer side effects.

Other properties of CBD include analgesic potential and use as a treatment for a range of conditions including chronic pain, arthritis, epilepsy, diabetes, addiction, multiple sclerosis, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), neurological disorders and even breast cancer. As more discoveries are being made about CBD, which is known to contain anti-convulsive, anti-spasmodic and anti-tumoral properties, the list of benefits will continue to get longer. Inflammatory diseases may be added to the list, so can respiratory disorders and even heart, liver, kidney and eye diseases. This cannabis extract can also counter mood disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), anorexia, obesity and migraines.

Use of CBD Hemp Oil for Vaping

CBD hemp oil for e-cigarettes is manufactured using industrial hemp which contains zero per cent THC. It offers smokers a healthier alternative that can help them quit smoking and their addiction to nicotine. All our CBD oil is nicotine-free and doesn’t contain THC so won’t induce a high. Studies have shown that the use of CBD oil in vaping can help overcome nicotine addiction by as much as 40%. The therapeutic benefits help smokers to feel more relaxed without the addition of harmful chemicals.

While CBD has been around for a while in the form of oils and capsules it is now available in an e-liquid form for use in e-cigarettes. It is available in a huge range of delicious flavours and the list of manufacturers is constantly on the rise. CBD e-liquids are available in various sized bottles and levels of CBD concentration providing a smoke-free alternative to smoking that can be enjoyed in any social setting.

Differences between CBD and Marijuana

CBD is manufactured from the hemp plant which is a close cousin to the marijuana plant and the same species Cannabis Sativa. Unlike the marijuana plant, industrial hemp plants have a much lower level of THC and the manufacture of CBD oil is carried out by extracting CBD from the hemp flowers and leaves. Industrial hemp is a specially bred plant strain that contains naturally high levels of cannabidiol but very low levels of THC. CBD is combined with carrier oils such as olive oil, coconut oil and hemp seed oil to produce CBD oil that is easily absorbed into the body.

CBD is known to reduce anxiety, which is why it is becoming popular among recreational smokers.