What is full spectrum CBD?

When looking for CBD oil you’ve probably come across the phrases: full spectrum CBD as well as CBD isolate but just exactly what do these terms mean? The simple explanation is that they each contain different types of cannabinoids which are the compounds found in the cannabis plant. In this article we’ll take a look at both of these and give you information on how they are different from each other and what the benefits of each are.

Types of cannabinoids

Did you know that there are over a hundred cannabinoids contained within the cannabis plant and that these each have a different effect on the body? The most naturally occurring compounds are THC and CBD which have both been well researched with THC the compound that is responsible for giving you that feeling of getting high.

CBD Isolate – This is the purest form of CBD and is the cannabidiol compound on its own with no other compounds or substances added.

Full spectrum CBD – Full spectrum CBD is an extract from the cannabis plant that contains all the naturally occurring compounds in the plant including terpenes, cannabinoids and essential oils.

Is full spectrum CBD better than CBD isolate?

This all very much depends on your needs, usage and what condition you are looking to treat. Each form of CBD has its own benefits and applications where it is most suited so to help you discover these, we’ve summarised each of these below.

CBD Isolate

This is the purest form of cannabidiol as all other compounds and cannabinoids are removed during the extraction process. CBD isolate is the best choice for those who are completely new to CBD and because it is stripped of all other compounds it is generally considered a safe choice.


  • Odour and tasteless – ideal for use in edibles
  • No risk of psychoactive effects
  • Purest form of CBD

Full Spectrum CBD

Full spectrum CBD uses the entire cannabis plant and is processed to extract all the cannabinoids with the exception of THC. Using the full plant is thought to provide a benefit known as the entourage effect which is where the different cannabinoids and terpenes work together and interact with each other.


  • Provides a full range of benefits
  • Fewer processes needed for extraction
  • Easier to control dosages

Is full spectrum CBD the best choice?

This all really depends on your usage. Full spectrum CBD has been proven to be more effective at treating a range of ailments compared with CBD isolate but that doesn’t mean that CBD isolate isn’t still effective. CBD isolate is generally considered to be the safest form of CBD and is particularly well suited to applications such as edibles. The odourless and tasteless nature of pure CBD also make it appealing for vapers as it can be combined with your favourite vape mixture.

Following research carried out by the Lautenberg Center for General Tumor Immunology in 2005 the belief that CBD isolated was more effective than full spectrum CBD was debunked. Since then there has been a rise in demand and availability of full and broad spectrum CBD giving customers more options that ever before to enjoy the benefits of CBD is as many ways as possible.